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İsmail Yiğit

İsmail Yiğit, who works with traditional turkish ceramic methods, is one of today's great ceramic artist’s. The inequality in his work, his unique formula of raw materials and the integration of his life and art are his main features that separate him from other ceramic masters.

Ismail Yiğit who is a graduate from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramics was born in Kutahya in 1963. Upon graduating, besides continual studies on different  collections and 16th Century Ottoman ceramic art, he has also carried out research on ceramics  in the architectural structures in İstanbul, Edirne, and Bursa.

In 1990, İsmail Yiğit sets up his workshop called “Marmara Cini” named after the University he graduated from. In his workshop where he produces art, he also focuses on the vocational training of his students and employees. Furthermore, he lecturs at Kütahya Dumlupinar University, where he undertakes an important mission of introducing the traditional ceramic art to the next generations.

Since 1994, he has exhibited his masterpieces both at home and abroad and has signed his signature under the ceramic restorations of many important architectural buildings.

Today he is highly regarded in many cicles and  is now considered as a Trademark...