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Our Company

Before 1989 - Ismail Yigit - School Years (Marmara University, faculty of Fine Arts), Tile studies

1989 - Our first workshop began.

1991 - The opening of the first store, and the production of Marmara brands.

Since its establishment, with its product diversity and high quality, Marmara Tile has had an important place in the market. In addition, with the replicas of valuable ceramic and tile works belonging to the 14., 15. and 16th centuries, it has provided significant contributions to the world of art. It has also played a leading role for the production of standard forms that are commonly used today.

1993 - The establishment of Marmara Tile Ltd.

1993 - The establishment of our own mud and glaze manufacturing plants.

1993 - The beginning of the production of the brand, Ismail Yigit .

İsmail Yiğit, who graduated from the department of Ceramics, Faculty of Fine Arts Marmara University, is the founding partner of Marmara Tile. One of the best artists of the profession in the field, bears his name and signature of the product group, comes to the forefront with the classic and unique designs of quartz infrastructure.

1994 - İsmail Yigit’s first exhibition – Hobby Art Gallery.

1995 - Assemblage of all Production Units

1995 - The start of the manufacture of tiles with high quartz.

1996 - The first restoration works began. The restoration of the interior of Kazakhstan Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Tomb and Abdülmecid Hunting Lodge.

1997 - First exportation.

1999 - The restoration of glazed brick covered dome of the Tomb of Kazakhstan Hoca Ahmet Yesevi

2003 - Ismail Yiğit’s first overseas exhibition. (Oxford University, UK)

2004 - Research and Development started for the production of quartz objects. (Turquart)

2005 - Market restructuring and regional marketing come to the forefront.

2005 - With the decision to carry out production and marketing through two different companies and to revise the objectives, Marmara Marketing Ltd. Şti. was established.

2006 - The establishment of Marmara Marketing Ltd. Şti.

While Marmara Tiles Ltd. Şti. was continuing workshop productions with Ismail Yiğit, Marmara Marketing Ltd. Şti, with the partnership of Lütfi Yiğit and Harun Kara, also leaped forward in the field of marketing

2008 - Market representation of Turquart branded products.

As a result of great efforts, the production of plastic quartz tile clay started for the first time in the World.

In addition to his production of quartz-enabled tiles for many years now, with its own colors, elaborately processed patterns and its special package, the name ‘TURQUART’ was given to these quartz tiles.

2009 - The production of tile decorations (prepared in seven-star Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya (İstanbul & İstanbul), of Beşiktaş Wharf, Haydarpaşa Terminal, SPA and Private Villas were completed.

2011 - The production of the largest quartz vase in history. (88 cm).

2012 - We provide service to approximately 300 active customers in six regions including İstanbul, Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, Ankara, Cappadocia.

We also export to countries abroad, such as America, Korea, United Kingdom, France, Australia.

Our products are exhibited and put up for sale in the shops of UK British Museum, Leighton House Museum and Victoria Albert Museum.